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About Us

In 2006 our founder, Ray Peterson, started helping people with their insurance.  His love and passion for service has since grown into Peterson Insurance: a multi-line independent insurance agency with dozens of carrier appointments and countless options to help you stay properly covered at an always competitive price.


Our mission is simple: provide first-class SERVICE by consulting with our client to determine the best coverage plan for them, offer them a SELECTION of top-rate plans from reputable companies, which helps them get the best PRICE available for their important risk management plan. 


We love the "Ah-ha!" moments in our business.  That moment when a client discovers something they didn't know about insurance that we helped them uncover.  Little tips and tricks that help them save money but also protect them from losses that can create financial hardship or even ruin.  Our vision is to help you stay insurance-wise: properly protected by trustworthy companies, but not insurance-poor because you're also covered at a competitive price.

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