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Business Insurance

Finding the right protection for your business doesn't have to be complicated!  Let us get to know you, shop dozens of carriers for you, and make a recommendation so you can make a smart decision!

Building costs frequently change.  Does your policy change with them?  We'll help you discover plans that do.  We'll be sure your stuff is covered too!

Workers Compensation

This important coverage can be very difficult to navigate and understand without an expert by your side... especially at audit time!  Let's team up so you can handle it quickly and get back to business!

Life Insurance

How would your family do if you died unexpectedly?  Would they be able to stay in their home or go to college?  We can help you learn ways to make sure that happens and more! 


You just found out you're required to get a bond, but what the heck is that??  Well most of them are simple and easy to acquire, and we have countless options!  We'll help you understand it all.


Not sure what to do?  Give us a call at 801-335-6550 or simply drop us a line below!  We'll reach out to you.

Your info will go our agent.  We don't share it with anyone! 
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